Handwash Stations

Do you like to wash your hands after going to the restroom? We at HHH Sanitation do to and we can help you with that. Our hand wash stations are freestanding two sided units. They contain 24 gallons of fresh water and up to 24 gallons of gray water, two soap dispensers, and two hand towel dispensers. These are perfect for being able to wash your hands everywhere, from job sites to any event anywhere.

Popular Units

  • Portable Restroom (Porta Potty)
  • Handicap Units
  • Handwash Stations
  • Luxury Trailers
  • Holding Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Sanitation Stations


  • Freestanding
  • Two Sided
  • Up To 24 Gallons Fresh Water
  • High Capacity Soap Dispensers
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery

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