Holding Tanks in Birmingham, AL

HHH Sanitation also has holding tanks. These 250 gallon holding tanks are perfect for when a sewer connection is needed but not available. Office trailers are the main use for these but they can be used anywhere you need to contain liquids. Each tank has four locations to connect your waste line to. These tanks, as well as all of our equipment, may be serviced as little or as much as needed depending on your service needs.
  • Up to 250 Gallons
  • 4 Points for Easy Installation
  • Multiple Day Services Available
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Popular Units:

  • Portable Restroom (Porta Potty)
  • Handicap Units
  • Handwash Stations
  • Luxury Trailers
  • Holding Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Sanitation Stations
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